Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Field Trips with our Children's Class!

Here at 2bros we plan out field trips once or twice a month with our children. It's a great opportunity for them because a lot of the kids don't usually leave Rocinha except to go to school. We have taken them bowling and ice skating so far, and it's been very successful! Everyone is able to enjoy themselves and it is a great chance to connect with the kids outside of the school environment.

We usually do the field trips on Saturdays, and they are meant o be cultural experiences or for the kids to do something fun outside of their community. We travel by bus and provide for everything but the bus fare.

Here are some pictures of our trip to the ice rink in Barra!

The Resident Volunteers (pictured above is Elizabeth) are responsible for planning field trips as part of their duties as Volunteers. But it's more fun than work, and very gratifying to see the kids have so much fun.

Thank you as always to Vivi, who helped organize this event. Beijos!

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  1. Great pics! We can tell how much fun was iceskating for the kids ... and for sure, for Elizabeth!