Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nosso Passeio no Parque Lage! 22/12

Our field trip to Parque Lage! 

This Saturday volunteers took some of the children out for a winter break field trip to Parque Lage.   There we had a picnic, the girls played jump rope, saw the historic Parque Lage Building which is now an art school, had fun looking at the fish in the aquarium, and took a quick hike. There are so many wonderful places in Rio to take the kids, and it is a really special experience because a lot of the kids haven't seen much outside of Rocinha and São Conrado (the surrounding neighborhood). You can really make it a special trip for them!

And I must say, they were really well behaved! Thanks to the volunteers Elizabeth and our new Resident Volunteer Sergio for taking the kids out! It was a great time!

Here are some pictures!

Feliz natal e ano novo para todos! Um abraço e até logo!

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