Sunday, March 24, 2013

Field Trip to Christ the Redeemer

Good afternoon readers! Yesterday was a great day for all involved with 2Bros here on the ground in Rocinha. After a little planning we finally got the ball rolling with post-Carnaval field trips.

Two of our new Resident Volunteers Jess and Ben from England, accompanied by Vivi and Jennifer took some of our younger students up to Christ the Redeemer for what was an action packed day. Given the nature of the trip and the excitement of the kids, we had a positive turn out on the day and set off with a group of 13 all together, including 9 kids.

So, Vivi arranged some transportation in the form of a van and at around 11 o¢clock we began our journey across Rio. I think we all knew the kids would be excited but the scenes that took place in the van on the way there were nothing short of festival like. As soon as the driver met the kids demands of their favourite Baile song it was game over for a peaceful journey.

Watch the video HERE.

At around 12pm the group arrived at the very bottom of the Tijuca National Park, the area in which the world famous statue is situated. We then swapped vans and began our ascent. As we got closer and closer and began to catch glimpses of Christ in the distance the childrens excitement grew and grew. The mesmerising views from the cliff side roads, although slightly worrying one of the kids to begin with, were enough to kick start some impatience on every one’s behalf to want to reach the top.

At the summit everyone had a great time. We took picture after picture. Most of the kids relished the opportunity to mount the ledge at the bottom of the statue itself. They laughed and screamed at the illusion made the by the clouds passing behind Christ, and of course admired the views whilst taking the opportunity to test their Geography skills identifying their city’s different areas from above.

After a sit down churrasco lunch and some more baile madness in the van on the way home, we all arrived back in Rocinha after a brilliant day. Throughout the day we got some feedback from the kids as to what the next trips should be and we currently have a short list of the cinema and a swimming pool.

That is all for now folks. Thanks for reading.

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