Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Girl from Ipanema

For this session we wanted to continue along the theme of place, specifically where the students are from. Having spent last mondays session discussing what they like about their city, we wanted to push this slightly further to include more drama based activities  Our aim was for them to learn how to use the video cameras  (which we had brought with us) and in two separate groups film a tv advert promoting their city to the rest of the world !

We had a class total of 10 for this session and our first task was to lead a discussion about what makes an advertisement catchy. They were extremely energetic and excited coming up with suggestions, talking over each other (which caused some confusion for our translator Erin). Some suggestions were that adverts are usually loud and energetic and that they like it when the advert has songs, music and celebrities. We then split the group in half, so Sophie and myself would have a group and a camera each, and Erin could go between the two groups to translate. The introduction of the camera caused quite a stir! as the kids all wanted a turn pressing the button and recording something, but we decided  that the camera would be used when we have practised the advert and they could nominate a 'director' who would be in charge of filming. Once this was agreed upon the group started thinking about the key attractions in Rio. 

After a little deliberation and the realisation that some members of the class just wanted to give suggestions and not be on camera, myself and Sophie came to the decision that we should merge the groups and have those who want to be in the advert acting, and the others could direct or give suggestions from behind the camera. As in most classes it took a sufficient amount of time to agree upon a theme for the advert but eventually they decided to perform the famous song' The Girl from Ipanema' and draw the beach on the blackboard behind them. Erin found the words online and said she would stand with them so they could read and sing whilst being filmed. One student in particular a little gril called Anna was particularly hyper this session, as the 'queen bee' of the class she seemed to want the attention of everyone in the room at all times and this made it quite difficult for anyone to direct or record what was happening. After deciding we would just try and film as best we could the other members of the group practised the song a few times and then Dan filmed the ad! Overall the session was a whirlwind but a success the kids seemed to really enjoy letting loose and 'playing' and they told us are looking forward this fridays session as we will be collaboration with Dan, who is an actor friend of Ben's form London and who will be arriving later in the week .

We will be posting the video once it has been edited but for now im going to share the poem written by two other students which was read as the end of the advert.

Sobre: Surf

Assunto: Ipanema ao Rio de Janeiro.
um do as melhores praias para surfar,
ele é linda e eu adoro surfar lá.

About: Surf

Subject: Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro,
one of the best beaches for surfing,
it is beautiful and I love surfing there.

Olivia Jackman
Masters Student from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London
2bros Voluntourist

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