Monday, July 22, 2013

Festa Junina

Escola Moranguinhos Festa Junina-fied :) 
These past few weeks with the kids have been fun as ever. I am really getting to know everyone and we are all becoming very comfortable with each other. Lately we have been focusing on pronouns and present simple- I even gave them a test the other day and I was very pleased with how everyone did! The classes they take at 2Bros are an extra-curricular and so I am always impressed by how much energy and enthusiasm everyone brings with them- particularly after a full day of school.

The next two weeks are a holiday for my students and also for 2Bros, so we decided to start our “ferias” off with a bang. On Friday, July 19th ,we threw a big party for my teen class at Escola Moranguinhos. The party was based off of Festa Junina, a big festival that happens every June and July that honours certain catholic saints, but is also an excuse to eat delicious regional food, dress up like hillbillies and dance Forro. (Of course, seeing that we are in Rocinha, a lot of Funk crept into the play list).
cheeky selfy of Wesley and I, prepping for the kid's arrival! 

Wesley, (a resident volunteer from the States who is currently a student at Princeton) and I, took on the responsibility of organizing the party and making sure everything was decorated accordingly. At the last minute, Vivi one of the board members for 2Bros, and also the owner and principal of Escola Moranguinhos, showed up with some wonderful decorations and tons of delicious food!

By the time 7 o’clock rolled around, the school was looking great and the teens from my class started pouring through the door! I was very pleased as well by the attendance of our new Voluntourists, Federico (from Italy) and Philipp (From Germany) who made an appearance and I know the kids were also very happy to have them there!
The Two Brothers Foundation does "Festa Junina" :) 

Having social time like this together is a great way to bond and it was so fun watching the kids dance and get to know one another (they are all from different schools so this party provided much needed bonding time). I was also massively impressed by some of the dance moves they pulled out… I did NOT know how to move like that when I was 12…now that I am 24, I fear all hope is lost. 

our German volontourist, Philipp, with some of the awesome students from my teens class. From L-R meet Natanael, Danrley and Diogo 

While we are on holidays, we plan on getting together and going to the beach or something and then classes resume on August 5th J 
Até a proxima
Erin a.k.a Liza
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The girls and I :) L-R Sheila and Ana Clara (they helped do my make up, so I turned into a real Caipira a.k.a Hillbilly)

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