Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The World Cup Fever

There is less than a month to the World Cup, everyone here in Rio is talking about it, so I decided to have a short debate with my intermediate class about the issues surrounding the event. The purpose of the lesson was for the students to practice pronunciation and to enrich their vocabulary. 

I showed my students two videos that I found on the BBC webpage. One of them was about a football fan from São Paulo supporting the World Cup by wearing clothes and eating food only of Brazil's national colours. The other video showed the mass street protests that occurred last August and are at somewhat smaller scale happening now.

A very colourful football fan. For the video click here

Protests in São Paulo in August 2013. For the video click here

Everyone in my class was against the World Cup in Brazil and a lot of students pointed out that the money invested in the stadiums could have been spent much more wisely, which also is the opinion of general public in Brazil. 

The class solving the exercises on the board

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