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Mark Barber's Visit: 3/30/12

Our Voluntourist Mark Barber is a Magician by trade. He came to our class for 8 - 13 year olds on Friday nights to give an hour-long magic show! It was perfect, because the kids loved it, got to meet someone from England, and also were able to learn some English in between the magic tricks and ice cream. They keep asking about him and want him to come back!

Take a look at the class he gave at Escola Moranguinhos with the Resident Volunteers at 2bros! Parabéns, Mark!

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Voluntourist Profile:

Mark Barber, aka Magic Mark, studied at BA HONS Visual Communication / Design & Advertising University of Central England, Birmingham. He achieved a first class degree at his university and was commended for 3 ad campaigns by the D&AD awards in London. Currently he works as Copywriter, and loves to write.

Why did you come to Brazil?
I came to Brazil because it is the most charismatic country in the world. Does it get any better than Rio? I wanted to put myself out there in the most different of cities, cultures and ways of living. I wanted to take back home some priceless perspective of seeing a third world, developing society... And understand exactly what it is like to live such an incredibly contrasting lifestyle. Oh... I also wanted to bring Magic to South America!

Why did you choose to come to Rocinha?
Research led me to the arms of 2bros. I had heard so many good things about the organisation I just HAD to find out if they had any opportunity to get involved - and they did. I admire what they stand for... And unlike other organisations who promise 'change through donation' - 2bros just asks for something more important - time. I could have ended up at any Favela... But 2bros have given me an opportunity to work here... And, so far my experience is incredible! It is true true Brazil... With true true Brazilian people... And it's hard not to fall in love with!

What brought you to Brazil?
Three things - to understand this way of life and feel like a part of something rewarding and meaningful - to experience something outside of 'tourism' and meet like minded, passionate people with a zest for life - and thirdly, to bring a smile to the faces of hundreds of children with my magic tricks! This is the best feeling in the world...

How much time would you like to spend with 2bros?
I aim to delicate as much time as possible - at least once or twice a week! I've only been once so far, and it's already given me so much! I am just proud to be a part of this organisation, no matter how small my role turns out to be.

What did you enjoy about your experience with us?
Simply having 20 charismatic kids go mad over me pulling a snooker ball out of my wallet... And... The sheer determination and cleverness they showed to work out how it was done!! Even 99 percent of adults fall for this one- but these kids cracked it! Beyond the magic entertainment, I also enjoyed teaching them English numbers... And they were always smiling and happy to learn! I wish I had their enthusiasm when I was at school...

Where are you off to now?
Who knows! Let me just complete my three months in Brazil first! It's amazing because, being out here actually makes me miss England for the familiarity of life... Who would have thought it!? :) anyone who is bored of their homeland should come out here and do this! The perspective it brings is... As I said, priceless.

Thank you so much Mark! Great job!

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  1. How great this is! I am so glad kids and volunteers had a such good time together! I wish I was there to enjoy Mark and his tricks!
    Congratulations to all; you make a great team!
    @ Mark: thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words about Brazil and Brazilian a Brazilian, your words make my heart full of hope!