Monday, April 9, 2012

Boa Páscoa! Happy Easter!

Celebrating Easter with the students!

This week was a special week here at the 2bros English course. We have the classes split up into two sections that meet up two times every week, divided between children and adults. Each section this week had one day of quizzes and new material,and one day of celebrating Easter!

The Resident Volunteers provided food for both classes. In our adult class, we enjoyed relaxing and getting to know our students. Sara, one of our newest students, told us about how she moved to Rocinha from the Northwest of the country in order to give her son better opportunities and live in Rio. She works all week in a store she and her husband own and run, and somehow finds time to come to our class. Her son, Jonathus, attends class with her. She is proud to be corrected during class by him. He is without a doubt one of our best students. Thanks to our students' input, we are thinking of starting a class just for teenagers!

With the kids, we played games focusing on learning English vocabulary they haven't seen yet, and learning English phrases that are fun and easy. Everyone had a great time, and we all learned things, too! Next week, it's back to work! Our Voluntourist Mark Barber was also there, and helped out with the kids. Thanks, Mark!

Take a look at this video of Rebekah Santos with the kids during our Easter Celebration!

Good job everyone! And, Feliz Páscoa!

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