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Matt VanGennep's Visit: 4/13/12

Our Voluntourist Matt VanGennep is a double black belt in karate. He came to our school and gave a class in karate. The class was right after Rebekah's dance class, and it was a full house! All the kids wanted to be there. They learned some basic karate moves, as well as some words in English: punch, kick, and block.

It was a great chance for us to get all the boys from class involved, and that was initially the idea for having the class, as the boys aren't interested in the dance classes. Interestingly, everyone who showed up for dance, stayed for karate, and loved it!

Veja! A great success. Take a look at our video:

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Voluntourist Profile:

Matt VanGennep has lived in New York and Florida. He studied Business Administration at Florida State University and is currently taking a break from his work as a Retail Manager back in the states, and spending time enjoying the rich culture of martial arts here in Brazil! In Rocinha, he has enjoyed participating in Caipoeira classes, and has met world class trainers and pro fighters right here in Rocinha!

Why did you come to Rocinha?
I came because of the cost of living (it is much cheaper to live in Rocinha than in most other neighborhoods in Rio), and the extensive martial arts programs available here.

What do you hope to gain from living in Rocinha?
Meet great people, see new things, experience different culture, diversify my martial arts portfolio, and do at least one thing to impact the community in a positive manner.

What did you enjoy about your experience with 2bros?
I have taught martial arts for many years to both youth and adults.  In the United States, many parents shove children in educational programs agaisnt they’re will. In Rocinha, it is easy to see that all the children that attend the class geniunely want to be there, and learn.  For me this is the greatest thing, to share my greatest passion with kids eager to learn.

Where are you off to next? 
Top secret information.

Thank you so much Matt! Have a great stay here in Rocinha, and see you next week for another karate class! 

Want to contact Matt to ask about his experience?
Email him at:

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