Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being a Resident Volunteer

What do Resident Volunteers do during the week?

Monday through Thursday
Our Resident Volunteers at the moment are Rebekah and Elizabeth. They give English classes every night at Escola Moranguinhos every day from 7-9pm. Mondays and Wednesdays are for children, ages 7-14. Tuesday and Thursdays are for adults, or 18 and above. We use donated text books for the curriculum.

Culture Fridays
On Fridays, the Resident Volunteers are responsible for coordinating our Voluntourist visits for our "Culture Fridays".

Because we have so many students, we decided to open a Friday course for beginners. Since this class is held once a week, it goes at a slower pace. Many of our Tuesday/Thursday students attend this class as well.

Veja! Take a look at what our English classes are like in the photo gallery:

What goes into teaching planning a class?
For each class, we consult the donated text book. This ensures that our classes follow a logical sequence and offers structure.

Along with the textbooks, we create activities and games to enhance the class experience. We believe that the best method to learn a language is one in which emphasizes being able to communicate. Therefore, we try to go beyond the traditional method of teaching in which the professor lectures to the students, and increase the student talking time during the classes.

Only when the students are able to produce the language on their own, both writing but more importantly speaking, are we sure that they are learning.

What are our resources?
Currently we are operating from 7-9:30pm out of Escola Moranguinhos, which is a preschool during the day. We use donated textbooks to create the curriculum and are able to provide the adult classes with workbooks, which are also donated.

What do we hope to have in the future?
The future of 2bros is bright! We have three main goals at the moment:
1. We hope to be able to receive or purchase more textbooks and class materials (pencils, papers, paints, pens, etc), so that we can provide our children's class with textbooks and materials.
2. We hope to spread the word about 2bros in order to encourage more people to visit and experience Rocinha, and our work here.
2. We are planning to create our own space, a new building, so that 2bros can offer daily English classes. With our own space, we will also expand the variety of classes and training we can offer to the community.

Check back soon for more detailed information about what goes in to planning and giving an English Class here at 2bros!

Have questions for our Resident Volunteers?

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