Saturday, May 12, 2012

Aida Mas' Visit: 4/28/12

Aida Mas, a Voluntourist from Spain, came to our school and gave a Spanish class for the kids on Friday night. Friday nights are Culture Fridays, where our students have the chance to be exposed to people and ideas from all over the world. The idea behind our Fridays is that both the voluntourists and the children have the chance to exchange cultural experiences. It's always a wonderful experience and the kids enjoy every minute of it. After classes, Voluntourists and the students leave the school with a happy buzz of excitement.

Veja! Here is a video of the class, put together by Rebekah Santos, a Resident Volunteer here in Rocinha. Aida plans to give more classes with us, and everyone is pretty excited about it. Thank you Aida! 

During Aida's class, the kids learned about how similar Spanish and Portuguese are. They played educational games and learned Spanish Vocabulary from Aida, who speaks with a beautiful Spanish accent. This was a great class, in which the kids were able to meet someone from Spain who speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and learn Spanish from a native speaker!

Click here to learn how you can be a Voluntourist with 2bros!

Voluntourist Profile:

Why brings you to Brazil?
To learn Portuguese, study development and teach English/Spanish.

Why did you want to come to Rocinha?
To get to know and understand the community better, while contributing in some way.

What do you hope to gain from your experiences working with 2bros? 
I hope to gain experience teaching children, and exposure to the community.

What did you enjoy about your experience with 2bros?
First, the kids are great. Second, I enjoy being slightly outside of my comfort zone (teaching Spanish in Portunhol to a group of 10-15 eight to thirteen year olds). Third it’s rewarding, and last but not least, it allows me to see a part of the city in a way that otherwise I may not have the opportunity to see.

How much time will you give to 2bros?
I try to go once a week, and spend 2-3 hours there.

Where are you off to next?
I’m going back to Canada to visit family and friends for a month (in August), and then I’m either going to grad school in Spain or doing an internship in South America.

Want to contact Aida to ask about her experience?
Find her on Facebook here: Aida

Obrigada for giving the class Aida! You really helped out a lot!

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