Friday, May 18, 2012

Culture Fridays, 5/11/12: Art Class with Rebekah

As part of our Culture Fridays, Rebekah Santos, a Resident Volunteer here at 2bros, is giving an art class. This art class fell on a particularly special date; the Friday before Mother's Day! Rebekah used this as an opportunity to teach the kids about Mother's Day in the US. The kids made cards with expressions in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, all celebrating how great mothers are!

Thanks to Aida Mas, who helped us out again this week. We loved your idea of translating Happy Mother's Day into Spanish as well. Parabéns!

Veja! Here is how some of the artwork turned out. Que lindo!

The kids were able to paint because of donations to our project, thank you to Dan Jackson for the donation you made!

Want to help out? We have limited resources at the moment at 2bros. You can make a donation for projects these here. Thank you, and hope you all had a great Dia das Maes!

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  1. What a beautiful project! Teaching language through practical situations and how to use the language in our every day is a valuable action! Congrats for the creativity!