Thursday, March 6, 2014

Carnival in Rocinha

Carnival in Rio is the time of the year when normal life stops. People take over the streets and party for four days straight. Rocinha is no exception. The usually lively and busy streets become even more crowded. The music starts playing early in the morning and continues until late at night. The atmosphere is incredible. 

In the four Carnival days there were more than 200 street concerts  (blocos) taking place throughout the city of Rio, and there were plenty in Rocinha as well. Even though the bands were all at the bottom of the hill, we could hear the music all the way from our volunteer house in Cachopa.

Some photos and a video of Carnival both in Rocinha and nearby areas:

Kids enjoying the Carnival at São Conrado beach, close to Rocinha
The São Conrado street bloco

I was being chased up the hills of Rocinha and sprayed all over by this young boy

With the Carnival finished, we are getting ready to start the classes. This year we'll be using a new building for the first time, which is currently still being painted. Will keep you posted about the progress! 

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