Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ready to Start the Classes

Five new resident volunteers, William, Damian, Adi, Martha and Urša have all arrived to Rocinha and our new building, which was being renovated, is ready.

From left to right Willian, Damian, Adi, Martha and Urša, the newly arrived resident volunteers in front of the Cachopa house.
Working alongside field coordinator assistant, Jennifer, we spent the last few weeks organising the classes timetable and allocating the time slots amongst ourselves. We will have a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced class for adults and a class for children and for adolescents.

Damian teaching local kids how to juggle

We also started advertising the classes by sticking posters pretty much everywhere in Rocinha. 

We put them up local bars... 

...and restaurants.

The classes start March 31st when also more updates will follow.
A view on Rocinha and São Conrado from the top of the hill

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